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Zgemma How to put c-line in to box

Posted by equlleus 15/09/2014 2 Comment(s) Tourtrials,

To transfer you c-line to you Zgemma box you need to download WINSCP is fille transfer program and cccam.cfg file  if you have this file you don't need to download it. The file cccam.cfg in Zgemma boxes is located in: root/usr/keys just folow to steps below to transfer you c-line.

You can download WINSCP from here: winscp portable 
And cccam.cfg file from here: download file

1. Download WINSCP and unzip it on you desktop and run program.


2. Check you Zgemma ip adresse and put it to WINSCP like on picture below, usally password in OpenATV  is "root" in OpenVIX can be other but try "root"



3. Clik SAVE and next click LOGIN


4. Right now you should be in "root" folder like on picture below



5. Next click folder "usr"  next click folder "keys"


6. Move you cccam.cfg file to this folder "keys"



7. Is done just close WINSCP aplication and restart you Zgemma box.


We use WINSCP program to transfer files but you can use any other ftp aplication like FileZila, Total Commander etc...


2 Comment(s)

27/11/2016, 02:06:25 PM

Great tour-trial thanks.

Tomasz Jamroz:
08/01/2020, 06:54:30 PM

Zrobiłem taj jak w opisie ale chyba komputer musi być podłączony do zgemma? Po zalogowaniu nic się takiego jak w opisie usr itp.nie pojawia

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